Accounting System

Our accounting system is in place to take over any business’s financial operations including the management of fixed assets, expenses, revenues, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and other significant reports and data. As such, this enables individuals to keep an eye on the variations that happen within financial information and decisions.

Management System

As we all know, management systems are put in action to restructure, enhance, and strengthen the efficacy of all business practices. With CSS’s user-friendly & tailored software, the arrangement and tracking of tasks, projects, and resources became way easier than ever. Because data helps in generating various insights, our system offers real-time reporting and analytics capabilities needed for decision-making. If you’re aiming high in your business, use our management system and attain victory.

Clinic System

Our patient management system is utilized to help clinicians stay updated on the scheduling, tracking, and expenses of all patients. Notably, this enables clinicians to pay attention to new incoming visitors and monitor their workflow professionally.

Education System

Our education management software permits schools to regulate their system procedures while offering students a hands-on learning experience. Our software features and resources are adjusted depending on the requirements of each school, this is why CSS is here to formulate personalized all-in-one systems. Our software plan consists of student records management, class scheduling, and progress tracking.

Gas Station Management System

As per our gas station management software, we make clients’ lives less stressful by taking responsibility for finalizing fuel prices, handling staff and the station’s accounting process all by ourselves.


Web Design & Development

CSS is proud to say that it also offers clients features and resources related to Web design and development. We all know that data nowadays is valuable and can be utilized for various insights and purposes. Data includes analytics & numbers, and these numbers act as “truths” which indicate where every business stands. As such, CSS is here to help you collect the data required to attain your business goals. When data is collected and examined, we offer the following solutions compatible with both, collected data and clients’ needs. CSS is ready to guide you throughout the whole development process to ensure proper management and effective organization.


Cedars Software Solutions is a revolutionary software company specializing in granting clients unconventional resolutions to their businesses. Our highly-skilled team consists of proficient developers and designers who promise to offer clients user-friendly software that comforts their lives while satisfying their needs. Ranging from custom applications to cloud-based programs, CSS owns the resources and tools needed to fabricate software that simplifies business processes as well as improves their efficiency. Our main concern is attaining customer satisfaction and searching for ways to help them achieve their objectives. Regardless of the size of your business, Cedars Software Solutions is always ready and steady to help you elevate your whole business agenda.

                                Services for individuals:

  • Client interview
  • Consumer Data Collection
  • Content Strategy
  • Research Analysis
  • Wireframe Construction
  • Client Feedback
  • Code Development
  • Marketing review
  • Software Installation
  • Market Product Launch
  • UX Data Collection
  • Quarterly Maintenance

All-in-one web app ready to Elevate your Business Plans!



No site exists without any sort of code! We do the dirty backend work and lend you a finished site or App that functions without a single flitch. 



Aesthetics and design are the first things that grab the audience’s eyeballs. Product design is as equally significant as its code. 



Trust us blindly when it comes to generating concepts that will transform your online platforms into whole new levels.




We add our secret formulas filled with science, love, and art. We will fabricate your custom-made platforms with tons of effort, passion, and devotion.

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License in Business Computing.

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